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   These carvings vary from baseball to football.  I even have a golfer which I consider one of my best and most challenging.  Each are between 8" - 11" tall, are carved in Basswood  or Butternut and if painted, are done so in water base acrylics.


"Jack Trice"  

I made this 13" Jack Trice for another Iowa State van who lives in Burbank, CA,  He is carved in Butternut with a satin finish.  If you do not know the Jack Trice story, you should click on this link to find out more.  He is one of the heroes of Iowa State University and the football stadium, in Ames, Iowa, is named after him..

(June 2012) 


"Bo Jackson"     

This is a wood carving of Bo Jackson of the (formerly) Los Angeles Raiders.  I made him for a friend  of mine who lives in Georgia.  She is actually a Falcon fans and will be giving Bo to her son who lives in North Carolina.  He's the Raider fan.  Bo is 11" tall, carved in basswood and painted in water base acrylics.  

(May 2011) 


"Army Packer"

I made this carving for a friend of mine who in the Pentagon.  He is a Big Packer fan and also in the Army, so I made a Packer football player with an Army Camouflage pattern jersey.  The carving is made of basswood, the player stands 10 1/2" tall, and is painted in water base acrylics with light oak oil stain for antiquing. 

(June 2010)


This Cowboy resides in Battle Creek, MI and is 8" tall.

(Dec 08)


The Iowa State 2003 Uniform.




I made this for a friend who is big Packers fan.  He lives in New Hampshire.(1999) This is Jack Trice who the stadium at Iowa State University was named after.  He was the first African American football player at ISU.  This carving is made of Butternut and is 12" tall.    (1998)
This was for a very Big Steelers fan who lives in Pittsburgh.




The 1984 Iowa State uniform.


My brother went on to play baseball in Sweden with is a replica of his team uniform.



This is a little soccer player made of Butternut.  It was carved in 1996 and resides in Troy, Michigan.