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(Mike carving President Franklin Roosevelt)

 Many people ask how I got started with wood carving. When our oldest son was born we spent much of our time pushing his stroller through craft shows. It was a way of getting out of the house and also a place we could take him. While stationed with the Marine Corps in Battle Creek, Michigan we went to this particular craft show in the fall of 1992 at the Kellogg Arena. At the show I bought this carved wooden box.  Not sure who the carver was (he did not sign his work), but it was a relief carving in basswood.  As I checked out the box, as a typical male, I said "I can do that".   First thing I did was buy a book and a starterís woodcarvers kit. I carved a few boxes and gave most of them away.



I then decided to carve figures or what is also known as Ďin the roundí. I bought another book, this time ďCarving the Civil WarĒ by Tom Wolfe. Iíve been hooked ever since.   Iíve carved many different things, but enjoy carving wooden figures the best. Here is a picture of my first figure carved in 1993.  It is 8" tall and was carved in a vice with a flat chisel carving tool.  Youíll quickly notice how basic it is and that it has no face.  Faces were extremely hard for me at the time. My carvings have evolved through many years of practice.

 I took a psychology class in college and my professor proclaimed that making things with one's hands is a form a therapy. I think he is right.  Wood Carving allows me to wander off and see where my creativity takes me.  I hope you enjoy the web sight. Oh by the way, if you at all have an interest in woodcarving, or have ever said, "I can do that",  you need to give it a try.  You'll be surprised where your talents will take you.